• For Mission Critical Application

  • Ruggedized, High Performance Flash Products

  • Aerospace, Military, and Avionics Flash Storage

  • Altitude up to 70000 feet

Ruggedized, Embedded Flash-Based Solid State Storage Products (SSD)

Quantum Digital Technology  is an innovative manufacturer of ruggedized, embedded Flash-Based Solid State Storage Products (SSD) to the industrial, aerospace and military markets.

SSD Product Demand

Demand for Flash based storage products have continuously risen in recent years due to their high performance and reliability and endurance in mission critical and extreme environments. Quantum Digital provides competitive solutions to its customers by improving time-to-market, and lower total acquisition cost.

Rugged Flash Memory Products

SSD FLASH DRIVE IMAGEQuantum Digital’s Industrial flash memory products deliver rugged storage solutions in a variety of form factors and capacities . Secure Digital, Muti Media card, Compact Flash, PCMCIA Flash, USB FLASH Drive, USB Flash Disk, Embedded Flash Module, 2.5″ PATA & SATA Drives, and Solid State Flash (SSD).

At the heart of each drive is an state of the art high speed controller and Samsung or equivalent SLC or MLC Nand Flash protected by an aluminum ruggedized enclosure designed to endure the harshest environments up to 3,000,000 cycles and shock and vibration up to 1500G (MIL -STD 810F). Get more information by contacting our support team.

Our core competency is providing the long life-cycle to embedded storage market. The company has established a reputation for solving obsolescence problems by developing controller/firmware solutions that are form, fit and function compatible with an original manufacturers NAND flash storage solution.

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